Occupy the 1st page of search result

Listing you website on Chinese search engine for a good ranking, no matter an adwords position or an organic position.

When you look at the 1st page of baidu’s search result, you might find: baidu wiki, baidu jingyan, baidu doc, baidu Q & A, baidu forum and some high authority PR websites. Only few of corporate website could be listed on 1st page. Want to get most out of search engine, SEO and PPC is not engough. We optimize all your content of all platforms to occupy the full 1st page. The ranking of each platforms had been indicated in the right hand picture. Each platform might not be the same ranking for different search terms, but similar. For placement of Number 1, please find our baidu PPC service. For placement of Number 2, please look at our baidu seo service.

Baidu Image (Number 3)

Create images and include Ads on it. Find a right keywords for it then add it to releted pages on internet or your own website.

Baidu Forum (Number 4)

Baidu Tieba is a community base on keywords. It is designed for social. Its mission is bring together whom has the same ambitions and purposes. No matter popular topics or niche topics, you could find relevant groups on it. It has cover all categories.

Our example:

Baidu wiki (Number 5)

Baidu wiki always on top 1 of baidu’s search result. It provides high trust. However, baidu always update its editorial policy to avoid spam and trash content. It might take you 1-3 months to list on it. We are familiar with its policy, we provide service list your content on baidu wiki for 1-7 days.

Now, It is now link to baidu’s adwords system, you pay for your brand search terms.

Baidu Map (Number 6)

We can list your service on baidu map. As most of the clients don’t have physical office in China, this is not popular service.

Baidu Q & A (Number 8)

Baidu zhidao is similar to yahoo q&a. It normally comes to top 3 on baidu.

We provide service:

  • Bulk posting
  • Answering with url/ contact info


Press Release (Number 7)

Normally, only fresh content would be listed in baidu news section, and the duration might be only 1-7 days. Especially for topical events. But some of the high authority website could be list as single post (not in news list) for very long time too.

Search term recommendations (Number 9)

coming soon…

Except the platforms mentioned in the picture, there are some other platforms might be…

Baidu Docs

Baidu Docs is not like google docs. It is a platform that people share documents. It sometime has very good ranking as well. It provide free and paid document download, including pdf, txt, word, etc…It has commercial version as well.

Our example:

B2B posting



Baidu will show most viewed vedio on search result too.

1st page when search US high schools