Are you still looking for a China SEO 101, China SEO secret? We’ve already included everything you need in the plan. Try it now!

1 Chinese domain name: baidu suggest to use .com or .net

2 Hosting website in China: We register ICP for you, so that you could host the website in China.

3 SEO diagnosis: We look into your CMS, and do keyword research.

4 On site optimization: We write META tags for your web pages.

5 Content creation: we continue provide fresh content for your website.

6 Baidu page rank: we increase your website’s baidu page rank so that you could exchange from some other good website.

7 Competitor research: learn from your competitors.

8 Link building: we build links from all different kind of websites.

9 Monthly ranking report: we monitor on the rankings of your website for a full list of keywords.

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