No license is required! Full control

We help none resident company register 360 PPC account. No matter you have business license in China or not. 8 years of PPC experience.


1 Foreign company register 360 PPC account

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<p class=”mkdf-icon-list-text”>Please provide your company registration form and make sure to include your company information on promotional website.</p>


2 Registering 360 using our company license

<a href=”/icp”>ICP license</a> is required. Please include our company information onto your website before the account have been approved.


It is same as baidu, $800 advertising fee plus $200 service fee. Want to calculate the management fee? Go visit and find out on <a href=”/baidu-adwords”>baidu PPC</a> page.


360 search ( ) is the number 2 Chinese search engine in China, its marketing share has growing upto a lot since June, the baidu weizhexi incident.

Less traffic, but the average CPC is normally lower than baidu. 360’s user base is smaller than baidu. However, its registration policy is not so strict. If you failed of registering baidu, 360 would be a good option too. We highly recommend that you could setup a 360 PPC account now. We don’t know when would they change its policy and you might miss the opportunity of a Chinese search engine PPC account.

<a href=”/360-adwords”>Haosou</a> dianjing system is similar to <a href=”/baidu-adwords”>baidu advertising</a> system Fengchao. Of course, you can say it is similar to google adwords. You can simply export the campaigns from baidu and import to haosou dianjing.


How long to open a 360 adwords account?

5 days after payment have been received.

How to add funds?

<span class=”pi-text-dark pi-weight-700″>All payment could be added through us. </span>You could transfer the fund to our paypal or bank account.

Can i manage campaigns ourself?

Sure, you will have full access. But it has Chinese interface only.