Maybe your’ve already translated the website into Chinese. You feel that you are ready for China market. However, when you send your first Chinese visitor to your website, you will find that the loading speed of your website is very slow in China.

Check the loading speed in China now! Try this tool, it shows you a full picture of website’s loading speed. Red is mean very bad, green is mean good. What can you do?

Then you come back to your developer to find solutions. However, your developer is not a Chinese speaker. Normally, the developer might help you to optimize the system, add cloudflare CDN or website catches. You will find that there is no impact on the loading speed in China at all. Any better idea on how to improve it for China market?

Transfer all Chinese pages to China hosting server? Add Chinese CDN? Ok, you purchased hosting server from China, and transfer the Chinese pages to it. You will find that your website is invisible now.

Yes, the 80 port would be blocked unless the domain has already taken an ICP. How to obtain an ICP for your website?

Localize website into Chinese

Everything is ready, still slow?

We provide you the full solution. We localize your website to let you look like international but provide your Chinese audience/search engine local experience.


Registering ICP, no document is required, we will take care everything. 20 days or speed up to 2 working days

Web Hosting

The Chinese web hosting provider don't speak English, but we do. 99.9% up time is guaranteed.


We help you register cn domains verified with a Cihnese identity. Host it on reliable Chinese DNS server.


It is not regular translation, it is website content construction with keyword implemented.


We provide toll free number if needed. We pass the in coming call to cn mobile number. Call out from computer directly.


We assist you register wechat public account, verify qq zone, verify weibo, no document is required