In the past, Baidu wenku is a free document sharing platform. It is easy, fast indexed by baidu and ranked on 1st page search result. Although it has many restrictions, for example, contact info or QR code, url are not allowed in the content. Many of marketers were seeking opportunities from it. So 80% of documents that listed on baidu are actually an ad. Since baidu cut its paid ads size on 1st page result, it has started commercialize its own product. Baidu wenku is the one that they changed recently.

Commercialized baidu wenku:

wenku mobile versionNow baidu wenku has its commercial version. It is another opportunity of “Baidu SEO“. It is listed on organic search result, however, it is not free. Frankly speaking, SEO is not free too. Don’t you agree? In this version, baidu did a big change with its mobile version. Because mobile is playing very important role today in China. Let’s see what have been developed in the commercial version. I am assure that you won’t be disappointed.

  • With no restriction, you can include your logo, your website, your contact information in the content as you want.
  • Rank right below baidu paid ads. Baidu gives it very high authority. The document could be indexed by baidu quickly and rank high on 1st page of baidu.
  • Publishing a document with less than 2 days. The free version now takes more than 2 weeks to review the content.
  • A layer of call/SMS button on the bottom for the mobile version. Converting readers to sales directly.

Who should buy it and why:

It is suitable for companies who want to communicate with clients online directly. Including but not limited to:

  • Education industry
  • Real Estate industry
  • Tourism industry
  • B2B Service or Product

Let’s do a simple math. People would search your keyword 30000 times a year, 10% of them clicked on your paid ads, each of the click costs USD2.0. And 5% of them would contact you. How much you paid for 1 single inquiry?  And how many inquiries you would acquired from it? 150 inquiries, 40 per inquiry. Right? Let’s see how would it be for commercial baidu wenku? It ranked right below paid ads, lets say 5% click through it, and 2% would be converted. The yearly fee for 1 keyword is less than USD1000. What would be the cost per lead? USD33. You now see the opportunity?

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