Baidu page rank helps inceasing keywords ranking. How to increase Baidu Page Rank quickly? Link from website with high page rank website will help you increase the Baidu Page Rank of your website. But we don’t guarantee the resul.

Now, with this techtique, we guarantee increasing baidu page rank. Increasing the organic traffic to your website through those industry keywords. Increasing the value of baidu index for your industry keywords. Industry keywords haven’t been added yet on

What this baidu rank service contains? what will you do to increase baidu page rank?

Baidu page rank is decided by the number of visitors from indexed keywords:

  1. See if the keywords have data on
  2. If so, we will sending traffic to through thess keywords

May i know the estimation regarding number of searches you want make?

We will try to make 500-1000 searches monthly for baidu page rank 2.

BR1 $50~$80/month, 1 keyword. Duration: within 5 days

BR2 $80-$130/month, 1 keyword. Duration: within 5 days

BR3 $130-$200/month, 1 keyword. Duration: within 10 days

BR4 $200-$300/month, 1-2 keyword. Duration: 10 days

BR5 $300-$400/month, 2-3 keyword. Duration: 15 days