We are a motivated and result-driven. We secure your every marketing investment.

Our online marketing network acts as the portal for Western corporations into the fortified Eastern online arena.  Google and FB are banned in China and are blocked by the “Great Firewall” and corporations that regularly depend on these venues for advertising in other regions of the world find themselves helpless when turning to advertise in the Far East.

Our professional team is unprecedented – our knowledge of, and our outstanding ability in the Chinese online marketing platforms, makes us the perfect company to run your campaigns. Once you have us at your side, infiltrating the Chinese market online will be a breeze.

China’s 1.4 billion people are waiting, allow us to bring you to them.

  • December 2008

    Laura started to learn SEM and promote IELTS 1 on 1 course through search engine. When handed the company’s SEM account at google and baidu, laura did a remarkable job of improving our conversion and sales.

  • May 2010

    Responsible for all E-Marketing activities for China and south east Asia market of Study Group to achieve direct sales target on budget.

  • Nov 2011

    We started e-marketing-china.com, and providing online marketing service to whom want to extend business in China. We registered a company to provide consulting service.

  • June 2016

    We registered a new company in HK, EMC Consultant Ltd. We start accepting payment from all of the world.

  • May 2017

    Some of our client start to seen big potential in China. They registered company in China. Then we decide to register 深圳牛犇信息技术有限公司 to better support our clients. 牛 in Chinese stands for genius, we have 4 牛 in the name which stands for our localization service, PPC management service, wechat service, mobile marketing service. Let’s see how 牛 we are =)

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