Footer Link

Most of Chinese website will add footer links in the footer of their website. It would be placed in the entire website. It is just like blogroll link that you could added in wordpress. It could be shown on each page of the website. So search engine spider could find your website quickly, crawl your website frequently.

Footer link delivers link authority to your website. So it is the best way to increase your baidu page rank. It will passing link juice to your website, so it plays an important role in SEO, especially for China market. In China, exchange footer links are still very popular.

Article posting

We have built a relationship with a lot of websites from different categories: education, fashion design, baby and mum, news, business, marketing, financial…

However, the editorial policy is becoming more and more strict since baidu’s lvluo regulation. That is why we put more efforts on footer links. And more and more websites are refuse contextual link now.

Forum Link

In order to add as many links as possible, and keep them alive, we sponsored more than 100 forums. We developed software registering forums account and post in forums. We continue managing good reputation in high authority forums. It is not just good for SEO, it will show your ads in forums, it will send traffic to your websites too. It will help you build a good reputation as well.

Blog Link

We have managed many sina, 163, sohu, ifeng, cnfol blogs. We post articles everyday to keep it active, add link wheels for them. So baidu loves them, an article posted on these blog could be indexed very soon after it published, and 80% of the links could be indexed by baidu.

Directory Link

Baidu loves direcotry websites as well. We have been managing a list of directory website which accpet do follow links. Many of them have good PR and BR. It pass link juicy to your website.

Baidu Link

Baidu zhidao allows to add do follow links in answers. However, the anti-spam system are smarter then ever. We managed many premier baidu zhidao account which provide more trust to baidu. We learn baidu zhidao’s anti-spam system, and find ways to post links on it natually.

Text Link

Text link normally placed in baidu doc, 360 doc platforms. It doesn’t like hyper link, it doesn’t pass value, but it helps baidu find you quickly. It will help increasing the popularity of your website. It is part of a natual linking structure.

We select the relevant websites only, and you can ask examples. All the SEO plan will following search engine optimization rules and including:

  • keyword research
  • SEO article writting for article posting
  • Compensation for broken links.
  • Baidu webmaster tool submission


  • Premium Link: PR 3+/ BR3+, DA 30+
  • Good quality Link: PR1+ or BR1+ or DA20+

All permanent backlinks. Except for footer links. It is 1 month renewable.

  • Index Plan

  • $199 save $100
  • 100 forum links
    50 blog links
    5 directory links
    50 social signal
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  • Starter Plan

  • $399 save $200
  • 100 forum links
    50 blog links
    5 directory links
    50 social signal
    2 footer link (Premium)
    4 footer link (Good)
    2 articel link
    5 blog roll
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Want to design a customized SEO plan yourself? Please kindly contact us and let us know your requirement in details:(e.g.: 10 footer link: PR3, DA30+; ) We will develop the link resources as per your plan.