Why need a verified wechat official account

wechat official account

Wechat has international version, it is for personal use, each account can add 5000 buddies. Wechat has individule version of subscription account, you can use it for basic posting, very limited functions, it is simplified version wechat. You can not change it or upgrade it when you feel the basic posting is not good engough. You can also use an oversea company to register a corporate version subscription account. However, it is difficult to verify it. We charge $999 to verify it in 10-18 working days. On this page, we will help our clients registering wechat subscription account and service account using our registered limited company license.

  • Service account

  • $680 1st year
  • Show in conversation list
    4 posts/month
    Basic messaging API
    Personalized APP
    Personalized Menu
    Business function & 9 APIs
    In content Hyper link
    Wechat Pay & Wechat store
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  • Corporation Account

  • $260 1st year
  • Show in conversation list
    Unlimited posting
    Maximum 500 followers
    Unlimited posting
    Verify follower
    Personalized APP
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Renewable fee: No matter it is a subscription account or service account, Wechat requests to review the license every year. We will continue helping our clients to deal with the verification. The yearly verification fee is all the same: $199

Anything related to porn and gambling prohibited.

Guide for Wechat nick name & Wechat id

You can select a nick name for your wechat subscription account as you want. But please don’t include country name in nick name, e.g.: USA, UK. Please don’t include keyword if you are running a business that has strict regulation in China, i.e.: study oversea, law firm…You can’t use dash in wechat nick name, but one of our client use Chinese character ”一“to instead of “-“, they look very similar


So my info will only be provided to you for billing purposes?


Do you offer any service to help boost readership of the wechat account?

YES. Check it out: wechat KOL, wechat marketing

I have multiple sites that I’d like to set up wechat subscription account. Can I move audience from one account to another?

No, but if the account is verified. you can export the followers using API

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