Get as many exposure as possible. Display networks allow you show your product/ service all over the internet in China.

Guang Diantong

Guang Diantong

Tencent QQ' s bidding system for display ads. Identify your clients from 0.82 billion QQ users. Tencent QQ is the number 2 internet company in China. Its ad revenue last year is 78.9 billion. It have covered all of internet users in China. Guang Dian Tong helps you identify your target audience through user profile: gender, age, location…
  • QQ on PC: 0.82 billion active users
  • QQ Zone: 0.66 billion active account
  • QQ music: 0.3 billion active users
  • Wechat: 0.5 billion active users
  • Tencent vedio: number 2 vedio platform in China. 5,347,687 views in Mar.2015
Sohu Huisuang: Big Data

Sohu Huisuang: Big Data

Identify target audience via unique user ID

  • 0.9 billion user data, 0.3 billion search data, 0.48 billion typing data.
  • 0.35 billion UV per month
  • Sohu news app: 0.45 subscription
  • Sohu mobile: 0.5 billion PV per day
  • Instead of cookie, Sohu Huisuan gives an user an unique user id.
  • It tracks of user’s behaviors including view, purchase, search, subscription, app installed…
  • Target users through category, target content…
  • Sophisticated data anaytics, avoid spam.
  • You can provide target user database, Sohu huisuan will find out the identical behavior
Sina Fuyi: Realtime bidding

Sina Fuyi: Realtime bidding

0.6 billion exposure, 0.25 billion PV per day.
  • Hundreds placement on sina
  • Placement from 100+ sub-domain: news, finance, sport, real estate…
  • Multiple ad types, 17 ad size
  • Data analytic
Targeting audience through:
  • Geography
  • Targeting APP/placement
  • User interests
  • IOS,devoice model, browser version
  • Time period, frequency
  • Content