Translation service for online marketing material

Website is an very important online marketing tool. Together with social media content. All of them are high technology in behind of them.

They are not like pure translation, all the concern is the accurate wording and grammer. We are not doing traditional translation. We are focusing on online marekting translation. We power of the content with new life of seo rules.  We translate your website content SEO friendly. We find right keywords for different page. We control the frequency of one purticular keywords apear in articles. We using different phrases to make sure at least 70% content of one page is different with others.

No robot translation guaranteed. Welcome to look at our full website localization plan for China. Please consider it as part of China SEO plan.

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5+ translation freelancers have joined us tile 2015. They are college students who has already pass TEM-8.


Keyword research

Do keyword research, and write page metas for each page.


Re-work on translation

Our online marketing specialist will implement keyword insersion, internal links and tags in translated content.