In China, people can’t live without social media now.  Even for very old people, they are using wechat to communicate with friends and families. The demand of social arised in people’s lifes everywhere. So different types of social apps/ tools had been developed.

Not only the users had a significant increasing, the time people spent on it had been increased a lot as well. The time we spent on all social channels is more than 6 hours per day now. Of course, the companies won’t miss any opportunity to approach users through social channels. 70.2% of company have use at least 1-3 channels to communicate with users.

Social platforms in China

People talk about you everywhere

Wechat, QQ

Wechat, QQ

Wechat has 500 million users, 55.2% of users open it more than 10 times a day. 200 million users on QQ in one breath.


Baidu forum, Tianya which is belongs to Google now, and some industry forums. Advertising on them and to be active!


Weibo is Chinese version tweeter. Until 2014.12, weibo still has more than 249 million users.

Social analyse of post-90 in China

30.5% of post 90 are homebody. 62% of them love to stay home and spend their time on internet.

Self-appraisal (%)

  • Will accept invitation from stranger
  • Won't accept invitation from stranger

Only 24.4% are Starchaser. 54.9% adore business elite. 31.2% choose country leader.

Idol (%)