Guang Dian Tong - Tencent advertising programm

Guang diantong is tencent qq’s advertising system base on its social network. You can promote on its products through Guang diantong, e.g.: QQ Zone, QQ chat window, Wechat, QQ music, QQ news app… As it is an ROI advertsing, the system allow you to optimize your advertising campaign through its intelligent match algorithm to utilizing their ads resources. Guang diantong mobile have already suppor both Android and iOS system, it has many ads types, including: banner ads, popup ads, full screen ads, app wall, feeder ads…

Tencent QQ is the No.1 internet company in China. It has a huge traffic sources. The Guang diantong advertising system have been running for many years. The client has much better control of their investment now. We all knows tencent’s annual net income have been increased 42% in 2016. The income of advertsing on wechat have been increased 77%. Tencen holds the big data of all China internet user’s relationship and social network in hand, it is the only one who has the ability to change the entire country’s social style.

Targeting users from QQ products

Wechat has 500 million users, 200 million users on QQ in one breath. Guang dian tong will bring you to all of QQ and wechat users. You can choose the display platform, and set your target audience’s gender, age, location and app installed. Then the system will show your ads to your target audience. We will help you optimize the CTR and conversion rate. The system will decide to show your ads or not base on CTR, bidding price, and conversions. The CPC is start from RMB0.1 per click, The CPM is start from RMB1.5 per 1000 exposure.

Our Special QQ Marketing Programs/ Softwares

To be visible and active to your target audience

  • qq list development: visitors for particular QQ Zone
  • qq list development: qq group members
  • qq list development: online users, filter by gender, age, location
  • qq robots: chat
  • qq robots: discuss in qq groups
  • qq analytics: get qq visitor’s qq number
  • ranking optimization of qq group: $400 per group

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