Popular marketing channels:


Localizing your website into Chinese. We provide hosting service that allow you host your website with Chinese IP, and translate the website into Chinese with keywords implemented plus on-site SEO


Play keyword game with search engine. Rank your website on top of Chinese search engine (Baidu, 360) through baidu adwords and SEO. Occupy 1st of search result by off-site marketing.

Marketing Research

Fully prepared before you start your business in China. Understand the culture, the people. Learn from your competitors, and beat them. Set your business goal properly for different stages.


Spread the word about your products, your service! emails, forums, blogs, image portals, vedio portals, social networks… Dealing with negative comments, managing a good reputation.

Digital Channels

Having people’s attention on traditional media, digital devices. People would be educationed times and times again, then people search, buzz when they feel you are interested. Fill people’s demand as soon as you noticed their demand. Build up relationship with them!
We help to design the plan to approach your target audience. Build the relationship, manage it carefully. You won!



Display adverts and PR create awareness. Sina, 163, baidu, tencent qq. Get as many exposure as possible.



Target audience want to find you on search engine and see you in targeted placement.



PR and Social networks help people make decision. Create positive noises and deal with negative ones.



Social media campaign and in-bound email marketing could create more repeat orders

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