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We dedicated to a full spectrum of online promotional and traffic acquisition activities.
We only have 3 full time staffs,but we have 20+ freelancers work for us all over the country.


Fully prepared before you start your business in China. Understand the culture, the people. Learn from your competitors, and beat them. Set your business goal properly for different stages.


Localizing your website into Chinese. We provide hosting service that allow you host your website with Chinese IP, and translate the website into Chinese with keywords implemented plus on-site SEO

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Search engine

Play keyword game with search engine. Rank your website on top of Chinese search engine (Baidu, 360) through baidu adwords and SEO. Occupy 1st of search result by off-site marketing.

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Spread the word about your company, your products, your service on internet everywhere, emails, forums, blogs, image portals, vedio portals, social networks… Dealing with negative comments, managing a good reputation on internet.

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  • When you running a business in China through internet. Sometime you might feel China marketing is quite difficult to understand. Yes, in the US, you won’t block any content from outside of the country. But the invisible China firewall does. The reason

  • This tool is mainly designed for our client who registered ICP through us. You can check your ICP number and other informations regarding to ICP in below. Data is provided by miit China( Please don’t include http:// or www in

  • Shut down the website is one of the requirement of registering an ICP. There is no problem if the client is starting a new domain. But some of the client have already running a website, and it already has many users in the rest of...