Social media or Search engine marketing?

Social media or search engine marketing? Which one is the best channel to approach Chinese audience? This is a difficult decision to make when you just started the business in China. Do both may be the best answer. However, not all product/ service can be successful on search engine.

We received a lot of enquiries from companies who provide:

  • Photographer platform in UK
  • Diving training in Thailand
  • Breitling
  • High education and looking for local agents

We can help to promote its platform on social networks, e.g. ctrip, qyer etc. We can promote diving training on KOLs that mainly focus on travel in Thailand. We organize online campaign encourage agents to learn and sell client’s school/course via wechat, email. We won’t recommend them to use search engine. However, if a high education organization want to approach parents/ student directly, search engine is the No.1 choice. Social media is good for:

  • new product/ service with low awareness
  • luxury
  • product/ service with high order rate. e.g.: facial mask

If you are not in above mentioned category, baidu PPC is the best choice now in China. And it is very flexible on budget control. We do result focus online marketing strategy only. Focus on 1 channel might be better than spent a little on each. Less is more.

  • Search engine: user find you
  • Social media: you find user

However, the PPC system is not easy to use. And the license audit is becoming more strict now. Our PPC management service will save you a lot of money.

No matter social media or search engine, user tracking and data analysis is the key to success. Media company develop new marketing channels to make money from traffics. Marketing channel develop new tools to increase income too. Many of their advertising system/technology are quite new, and some of them just want to make some quick money. So PPC is still the best channel that we would introduce to our clients. However, there are many good new channels and new tools. We should adjust the strategy, marketing channels accordingly.


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