Social media or Search engine marketing?

Social media or search engine marketing? Which one is the best channel to approach Chinese audience? This is a difficult decision to make when you just started the business in China. Do both may be the best answer. Ho···

Baidu Baike – Chinese version wikipedia

wiki has high authority, search engine usually rank it on 1st place. Baidu baike belongs to baidu. Of course, it will appear on the 1st place of organic search result. It is high trusted. It makes you convert visitor···

Bidding on competitor’s brand names

Brand name is protected by law. In order to protect the value of sponsor’s brand name, Google don’t allow to bid on competitor’s brand name. However, baidu requests to provide brand certificate if yo···

SEO Tool: Baidu Organic Rank Tracker

Aizhan SEO tool is free to use, we use it to track baidu organic search ranking. We have talked about track paid ads before. Today we will show you how to track the ranking from organic search result. It has many othe···

Baidu marketing tool for English speakers: Baidu adwords editor

System required: Windows only .Net Framework 4.0 (48M) Baidu adwords editor is not available on Mac yet. And it requires to install the 4.0 version of .net framwork. Language: English Baidu Fengchao’s online s···

Baidu Paid Ads Tracking

Tracking the position of real ads on baidu could be easy. You might just simply do a search on baidu for your main/ brand keyword, then you would have an instant impression on your paid ads. However, if you did this o···

PPC Result from baidu is getting worse?

We received some complaim about that the result from baidu is getting worse. Yes, it is true. (Above is the figure from an IELTS traning company) People have more options now. It is easier to find information on inter···

Kill competitor website’s SEO from baidu

Many of our client are interested in what their competitor have done. And many of them are struggling at adjust them SEO plan according to search engine’s recent update. We’ve been talking all the time, se···

Top level baidu PPC management

First of all, If you can’t login with firefox, please change to Google Chrome for Some of our client have problem login. Some of them could be fixed by changing browser, however, some of them can···

Keyword research: baidu keywords planner

Baidu’s official tool –  keyword planner definitely is the best one to do keyword research for PPC. What baidu keywords planner could do? It will show you the most relevant keywords and its daily search v···