Itunes app store optimization

We investigate on your competitor’s keywords and ranking, and find out the opportunities for your APP. You might feel that you are the best copywritter for your app. But we are using magic to optimize the APP’s title and keywords and cover as many keywords as possible. 2000+ keywords at least. Get as many expoursure as possible in itunes app store.

Purpose of ASO: exposure

Many of our client knows that increasing app downloads and reviews will help getting better ranking on app store. However, the keyword and description will determin the exposure. Even if they have good ranking with brand search terms, only few users could install the app. Because the search volume of brand search terms could not be very high. So ASO is too important. We will improve the number of keywords and search volume of keywords. Of course all the keywords would be relevant to your business/service.

What is required:

1 Please grant us the access to manage your app. You just need to add our apple ID

2 Upgrade your app at least 1 time

Example: before and after ASO

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APP could be found for 485 keywords only.