Chinese Domain

Can i use my English domain for China market? Sure, of course. A good domain name is a good start for your business. No matter it is for China or other country, it has the commen standard:

1 Keep it short

2 Easy to remember

3 With Keywords if possible

Baidu also suggest .com and .net. So, you can use sub-domain (e.g. for China market which will separate different languages.

However, registering Chinese domain provide more local experience with international background. We provide Chinese domain name service. We provide 1 year registering for free for our baidu advertising client. Our service including:

ICP is a must have after you register a Chinese domain name. It takes time, unless you order our expedite service. What if you can’t wait, and with no budget for expedite service? You can purchase old domain names that have already registered ICP.


Why need Chinese domain?

It allows you optimize Chinese domain for local search engines baidu seperately. You won’t hurt your ranking on other search engines when you optimize the ranking on baidu.

How to choose a Chinese domain name?

It is simple if you have already run a global website:; If you start a brand new business, we suggest to include the pinying of your key product/ service.

Baidu gives better ranking for Chinese domain?

NO. So i would suggest that you use .com or .net

1 Domain name suggestion

2 Registration

3 DNS setup

If you register Chinese domain name from a foreign provider, you will not be able to change whois information. They don’t provide domain certificate as well. So we highly recommend to use our Chinese domain service if you want to registering a Chinese domain.

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