EMC ICP service:

  • 100% successful and  money back guarantee: we try our best to get it approved the first application. If not, we will continuing working on the application until it is approved. We have 6 months guarantee. We register a new ICP for you if it was revoked in 6 months.
  • High trusted partners: we are official partner of cloudflare and cdn-tech. we helped a lot of their clients to build the internet presence in China.
  • 2-20 working days: the process is normally taking 20-30 working days, but we can speed it up to 2-20 working days.
  • Customized Solution: Haven’t registered company in China yet? Haven’t purchased hosting server in China yet? Apply ICP for alive website? eCommerce website?…Contact us NOW!

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The policy might be changed time to time since the department MIIT upgrade the security of ICP. But we will keep this page updated, and keep it simple to our client. The earlier you applied ICP, the easier you get it. And we will adjust our price since the process is more complicated.


  • Domain: It has to be a “Chinese domain“. We do it free if you want to register a new domain for China market or transfer it to China. You just need to provide the domain name and domain transfer code. This step might take 3-5 working days.
  • Website: MIIT doesn’t allow website go alive in China before they approved the ICP. If your website has many visitors in China already. Please ask for customized solution.
  • Content: Please make sure the content you publishing on this domain is healthy and legitimate. MIIT has the right to revoke your license and add it to black list if any illegal content founded on your websites in future.

Required documents:

If you don’t have any contacts/ registered company in China, we will use ours to apply ICP for you. So no need to provide any documents. You just need to make sure to meet all of above requirement listed above. If you have registered company in China, please kindly provide:

Photocopies of

  • Both side of Legal person’s document: This person has to be the person that listed on the company license. If He/she is Chinese, please provide his/her national ID card. If he/she is foreigner, please provide his/her passport. Please make sure that the document won’t be expiring in 60 days.
  • Company license: please make sure it is the latest 3 in 1 license.
  • Contact person in China: This person needs to provide 2 phone number and his/her address. And a photo with your company license. If you haven’t hired any staff in China yet, please ask for customized offer.

Lastly, If you have used this company license registering ICP before, please share with us the login details, and all the documents that you submitted last time.


MIIT doesn’t charge fees to register ICP for Chinese citizen and China registered company. We provide paid service to solve all the problems that you might have when you apply it by yourself. The policy is difficult to understand, and it’s updated very frequently recent years. Some of our clients had tried to find their contact in China registering ICP, but finally they come to us. Because the process is very complicated.

Please use the calculate the price using the form on this page. It is 1 time fee. And you can purchase our 1 year extend warranty which is $189 per year per domain.

Our Clients


Why do they need to shut off access to their site to visitors in China during the application process? Do you know the reason for that rule?

Not all of region, not all of service provider require to shut down website. Different region have different policy. But most of the service provider and most of province have this same requirement. Sometime it is hard to explain the policy…

Can I register ICP for subdomain?

Subdomain is not ok. They will review main domain only, and ICP would be applied to all sub domains.

Can i register ICP under my company’s name?

Yes, If you have registered a company in China. But you can’t register ICP for your company that outside of China.

Can there be only one domain&ICP registered for one company? Or can one company have multiple ICP numbers for different domains?

A company can only have 1 ICP number. But you can add different domains to the same ICP.

I do not have a Chinese business license. You can help with this right?

Yes, we will take care of everything

When i can add my website to Chinese web hosting server?

You need to wait until the ICP is ready. If necessary, you can host the website with your oversea web server first.

Does the price for ICP with come with a guarantee?

Yes. We promise to register new ICP for client if the ICP have been revoked in 6 months. (except for websites that hosting high risk content, e.g.:health product, game, finance… high rise will be advised in advance. And you can pay for register new ICP)

Would the cost cover for all of my domains?

No, our service accept 1 domain only.

Do we need to renew it every year?

NO. It is one time fee. You don’t need to renew it every year.

We need to host the website in China right? Where do we host it?

Yes, we provide China web hosting service for none Chinese speakers. Or you can purchase one from aliyun.com or ctyun.com

How is the ICP delivered?

We will send you the ICP number. And you can check it on MIIT’s official website.

Do we have to use your hosting if we do the ICP with you, or can we use any hosting company on mainland China

If you want to purchase the hosting server by yourself. Please let us know their name. If you use aliyun server, we could register ICP through aliyun only.

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