Baidu Advertising China expert

1 We are not baidu’s agent. We don’t push our client to spend money on baidu.

2 100% local team, 8 years experience of baidu PPC, show you result in 1-2 weeks.

3 Result drinven, avoid low quality traffic from the very beginning.

4 English customer service support.

5 Full control of your PPC campaign. Read English report throgh baidu adwords editor.

6 Flexible payment method: HongKong bank account, China bank account, paypal, skrill…

7 Landing page design support.

8 Don’t have a business license yet? Please contact us for solution.

We help none resident company register Baidu PPC account. No matter you have business license in China or not.


1 Setup fee: $480 (We will return the full payment if baidu refused the application)

2 Minimum media cost required by baidu: $1600 (You can pay after we got confirmation of your application)

3 PPC management fee:  start from $390. (optional, but highly recommend. Baidu PPC system is not simple to managing. Our PPC manager has more than 5 years experience of PPC.)

4 Annually administration fee: $200 (Baidu will review the account annually, and we will charge a small amount to toll up the account.)

Our ppc management service will including but not limited to:

  • keyword research
  • CPC management
  • long tail keyword development
  • exclude negative keywords
  • ad copywriting and optimization
  • Baidu analytics
  • keyword quality score optimization
  • Strategy of campaign
  • Customized reporting


How long it takes to open a baidu adwords account?

Baidu had implemented a lot of changes that causes delay in process since June 2016. It will normally take 10-30 days.

Any fees for setup the account?

We charge $200 setup fee. It covers 1 year payment service.

How to add funds?

You could transfer the fund to us. We will insert the money to baidu. You can pay it after you see the fund in your PPC account.

Can i manage campaigns ourself?

Sure, you will have full access. Baidu adwords editor has English version. We highly recommend that you use it to view reports.

Can i track the campaign by google analytics?

Yes, sure. But we recommand to use baidu tongji. We will instructing you how to install it on your website.

Baidu is the No.1 search engine in China, it occupied 54% of search engine marketing share. Since google withdrew its business from China, baidu’s bidding system is the No.1 in China search market. Baidu doesn’t like google, it has some requirement if you want to bid on it. It requires setup fee, and don’t accept credit card. The payment is paid in advance.

What document would be required to open baidu ppc account?

  • The company registration form (business license) that you listed on your website, or W9
  • Bank slip/transfer receipt of the company, or Check issued by your company, or Company bank statement

Lastly, Baidu reads English and Chinese only. For other languages, please provide the original color copy, meanwhile, English translation is required. Please make sure the company name, phone number and address is listed on contact us page properly.

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