Reputation management

If you are doing business related finance, education, hotel, manage a good reputation is quite important. In order to manage a good reputation, some of our clients will publish articles on high authority media sites and social platforms regularly. After all, people make decision relays on the comments from others, it could be a friend, it could be a 3rd party. It plays an important roll on the final conversion.

However, a single bad comments might damage the business, even if 99% of people talk positively. And it is not under your control at all some time. Maybe the bad comments was initialed  by your competitor.

In order to decrease the damage of negative voice and manage a good reputation from China internet, we’d better to response to it as soon as we can. We developed a software that could identify negative noises online quickly. Then we help our clients to dealing with them.

Of course, the first thing we should do is try to reply to the comments to see if we could convert them to good one. And if an user is very active on the thread, it is better to contact the person who made the comments to see if we could solve his/her problem. Otherwise, we can’t stop him/her from posting elsewhere.

We encourage our clients use LAW to protect themselves. We worked with a lawyer team and dedicated to dealing with the bad posts, articles on internet. We are very experienced with high authority media sites, e.g.: baidu’s zhidao, tieba, douban, google’s tianya…We can delete 90% of the negative comments from the internet. 

In the end, i hope all of our clients could setup a credit business in China. We would be your strong backup.

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