Setup a Chinese phone number from outside of China

Having a local China phone to call is much more easier converting visitors to users. However, some of our client’s call center or sales person is not located in China. e.g.: selling real estate from phuket. Is it possible to setup a Chinese local number and use it in another country? We finally get a solution.

Register a SIM card from China:

This is the most struggling part. As applying for a Chinese SIM card, you need to visit the local service provider and present your passport. What if you can’t make a trip to China? And which package should you choose? We purchase SIM card for our PPC client using our own national id card. And we choose the package with lowest fee. But It has to be GoTone. So that you could use it on any of your mobile devices.

Take it to your country. 

When you get the SIM card. Simply take it back to your country. Or we will mailing it to client to their country. Before you leave, please call GoTone to activate the function to allow the SIM card travel around the world. Then you could be able to use it in your country. If you have any problem using the card, you can call them directly. If you need our help, you need to provide the service code of the card.

Register on jego:

The fees of travelling around the world is very expensive. However, if we make phone call through an internet service from 3rd party, it could be no fee. That is why we suggest to choose the package with lowest fee. Jego is an APP allows you to receive and make phone call without paying. All the signal are went through internet. So you just need to make sure Jego is under a WIFI environment, and register Jego with the phone number that you purchased from China.

Now, you are ready to make as many phone calls as possible to your China target audience. And you can put it on all your online marketing message. Visitors can call a Chinese phone number and reach you in another country without a penny.

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