1 year service for ICP license maintenance

We helped more than 100 websites obtained it’s ICP license in the past year 2018. We experience a difficult time dealing with ICP clients this year since the policy updated very frequently in 2018 which hasn’t changed for 5 years. Some of them takes more then 1 month to get the ICP solved. And some of them lost their ICP license for unknown reason.

  • Domain registered through oversea registrar can’t apply for ICP anymore. It might take extra week to transfer over domain name or register new domain names.
  • You must use a hosing server from aliyun if the ICP registered through Aliyun.
  • The website has to be alive in 3 months, and it has to be with the correct ICP number and linking to MIIT’s website.
  • It has to be some Chinese content on the website.
  • The contact person has to be able to answer the phone call and answer the correct company name without a simple mistake.

We are happy that we are getting through so many difficulties this year, and finally find the best solution for our client. However, we feel that things might getting harder in 2019. For example, Many of our client have received warning from them because the contact person hadn’t pick up the phone call. It is really urged. The contact person could be visiting another country or in a meeting. It happened quite often in working hours. But MIIT won’t give us a second chance.

In order to provide better service to our client, we decided to provide continue maintain service started from 2019.

  • We will follow up the updated MIIT policy and communicate with client to avoid ICP license revoked after 6 months.
  • We will help client to answer phone calls from MIIT if necessary.
  • We will keep the same price. And the 1 year service is optional for $189.

Advantage of ICP license maintenance service:

  • Avoid the ICP been revoked. Registering new ICP requires to shut down the website again.
  • No additional fees when ICP revoked unfortunately.

Here, we do apologize that we couldn’t make the 6 months guarantee anymore. We will shorten it to 3 months. Effective start from Jan.2nd,2018

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