ICP domains

Since ICP policy is updating frequently recently, it is more and more difficult to get an ICP now in China. Especially for some of health, finance, game industry. We tried everything to help our client to get over the restriction. However, the price is becoming much higher.

Then you can purchase an used domain name which already has associated with ICP license.

We can help you to find a domain name that fit your needs, please try to describe your requirement in details or answer following questions:

  • Is there any words that you want to be included in the domain name?
  • Have you purchased hosting server? Since aliyun would accept aliyun ICP only.
  • Is there any preferred domain extension? .com? .cn?
  • Any preferred domain history?

It might not be 100% meet your requirement. However, it is quick way to obtain an ICP, and the price is cheep which around $50-$100

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