Aliyun start to using APP for ICP license registration

Since AI jump into our lives, it has been applied in many areas in China now, especially tier 1 cities. Shanghai MIIT start using AI technology to speed up the ICP process. Aliyun and some service provider are forcing to submit application through MIIT’s APP now. I believe it will be soon that the other region, and service provider would force on sending application through APP and using the AI technology.

If your company is registered in Shanghai, then this is what you need to know. We will ask you to provide a contact in Shanghai. As the webmaster has to be located in Shanghai and using a mobile number that is belongs to Shanghai. And the APP will GPS its location, the location has to be Shanghai. We might need his/her national id and install MIIT’s APP from his/her mobile. Our ICP specialist will guide him/her step by step to submit the application through APP.

Step 1: Install the APP and allow it to use your smart phone’s GPS

Step 2: Click to verify webmaster’s phone number

Step 3: Upload webmaster’s national id card (both side) and take a phone with your national id within APP

Step4: Save the code image and send it to us

Of course, We can be your webmaster too if it is easier for you. And you can change it in future. But we will charge a fee when you want to change any of the information associated with your current ICP. The process would be similar to a new application, so the fee would be similar too.


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