WeChat QR Code Tracking

QR code is everywhere now in China. Not just online, QR code could be printed out everywhere. It plays very important role of marketing. How can we measure the effectiveness of each QR code? There are many tracking system could tracking QR code. Not just for wechat, it could track for many other types of QR code as well. e.g.: sina weibo.

Wechat official account has its own tracking system. You just need to add parameter in the system, it will generate the QR code with tracking parameter automatically.

Requirement: If you have a verified wechat official account, no matter it is subscription account or service account, You are allow to use its API. Then you would be able to use GA to track down users who scanned the wechat QR code. 

You could follow the official website:


to see the full picture of user statistics in GA and improve our marketing channels accordingly.

Or small business could follow this simple

step by step guide

  1. Login to your wechat official account: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/. Find and save your access_token to your local machine.
  2. And click on 1 then 2.
  3. Then click on this:
  4. Fill in your wechat access token and save:
  5. Create ticket: Choose from drop-down list as following and fill in your access token again. Copy following code to body. scene_id could be 1-100000 (This is the parameter of QR code. You’d better to setup a spreadsheet to record all your channels.)
    “action_name”: “QR_LIMIT_SCENE”,
    {“scene”:{“scene_id”: 123}}
  6. System will checking the code automatically. Then ticket would be created successfully. You will be given a snippet of code. Add this code to https://admin.wechat.com/cgi-bin/showqrcode?ticket= You will see the QR code. Save it, now it could be used for marketing.

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