International version wechat official account

International wechat official account is actually operated seperately by different department at this moment. Many of us havn’t heard about it at all. It is developed for Chinese company who want to promote in oversea market. A native wechat account can’t find international official wechat accocunt and the QR code is not working for a Chinese wechat user at all.

It is useless for an oversea company who want to expand its business in China. Normally an oversea company would find these options:

1 Find a way to verify the Chinese wechat official account under your own oversea company.

Pros:  You would have the full function of a wechat account to approach China market. You have the full control of the ownership. You can communicate with users using this account for ever you want.
Cons: Payment function is not available.  You can’t find the way to verify it if you are a foreign company on its website. It is not easy to approach the relevant department. As the channel is not quite open, its process is quite slow. And very likely you will get no response at all. And the successful rate is very low.

However, we have built very good relationship with the department. We can get it done in 10-18 days with service fee $999. You just need to provide:

The business license of your own company
The corporate account details

2 Verify the wechat account under our China company: This is the way we used to do with our client. However, it is suitable for the testing period only. 

3 Registering through a reliable contact in China who has the China national id card.

Pros: Fast, you/we can get it done in 3 working days. You can indirectly use the payment function. Our service fee is low.

Cons: The account is officially under others name. The account can be transferred when you have verified your own company. However there is still chances lost followers.


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