ICP license transfer

ICP license is a license that issued for an individual or company running websites in China. And each company and individual could have unique ICP number only. It can’t be transferred to anyone else, but it can be signed off.

Many of our clients use our company registered ICP before and now they have registered their own company/ WOFE in China, they want to transfer it to its own company. What is the process for transferring the ICP if you ever need to?

Update the ownership of the ICP:

  1.  Sign off the current ICP license: If you obtained the ICP from us, we could sign it off from current ICP quickly. Because we have all the information in hand. But if you want to register it off from other company, you’d better to provide us the password of your current ICP and the full set of document that used to apply for it. Just like registering new ICP, It might take 5-10 working days base on which region you applied for your current ICP.
  2. Registering a new ICP under your own company.

Please note that the owner of the ICP could be different with the domain owner. If your domain name is registered under our ICP license, we are the owner of the ICP. You are the unique owner of your domain. You can transfer the domain name as you want when your domain had been attached to an ICP.

Transferring to another hosting server:

The ICP license could be registered through hosting server provider, if you want to use aliyun’s hosting server, the ICP must be registered through aliyun. Don’t ask why, it is the policy, it is the rule to follow. And if you registered an ICP through aliyun without using their hosting server, aliyun has the right to revoke your ICP.

The process is similar to new application, so it takes 5-10 working days too. But you can keep your website alive during the process. And all of the information under the ICP won’t change, except the hosting company.




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