Oversea website how to avoid ICP revoked

ICP license policy is changing frequently recently since the governance on internet in China is becoming more and more strict now. Especially after the 19th National Congress meeting, the entire internet industry are under intense pressure. Some of our client’s ICP had been revoked recently for different reasons. e.g.: The IP address provider is not same as the ICP registrar. All domains lost their shared ICP since one of the website under the shared ICP provide movie download. Although we have 6 months guarantee, How to avoid ICP revoked?

Link to MIIT’s official website

Please put some content on root domain within 6 months. If the root domain has not yet alive after ICP issued 6 months, the chances of losing your ICP is high. And It is important that you put the ICP number in the footer of your website, a backlink to MIIT’s official website is a MUST. Otherwise, MIIT might revoke your ICP license anytime without notification. We will check the link and follow up on this to avoid our client lost their ICP license. http://www.miitbeian.gov.cn is MIIT’s official website, this website seems to be dead oversea, but it is visible in China. So don’t hesitate to add it. You can add nofollow tags to it or use iframe for the link. We won’t responsible for it if the ICP revoked because of the absent of the link. So you need to pay again to registering a new ICP.

Add a sub domain and host in China

If you haven’t purchased hosting server yet, buy it from your ICP registrar would be the best choice. However, many of our clients are using cloudflare to provide fast website service to global visitors. And their hosting server is not in China at all. So we suggest that you hosting a sub domain in China and purchase it from the ICP registrar. If you have already purchased our ICP service, we could do it for free. The only thing that you need to do is adding A record for the sub-domain to the hosting server that i provided to you. e.g.: icp.yourdomain.com



Choose a domain registrar from CNNIC

If you have decided to use a China local country domain, it would be better to use a registrar from the list on CNNIC which we have mentioned in the post how to register a Chinese domain. Although the policy is not very clear on this point, there are some province doesn’t accept domains that registered from foreign registrar now. e.g.: Beijing, Hunan… For a serious international company that want to expend China market, we would recommend to use a China local country domain now. As we can see that the internet security could be a top level priority in near future.

Countries are trying to setup healthy internet policy to protecting attach from other countries. ICP is a big obstacle when you trying to set up internet presents in China. We will continue learning the policy and try to provide ICP service to oversea companies.

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