How to transfer domain to Chinese registrar


Recently, we experience problem of registering ICP in some region like Beijing. Some of regional MIIT don’t accept oversea domains now. It will not affect the existing ICP, but for stable online presents in China. We suggest to registering domain from China.


First of all, the new domain name that is less than 60 days is not allowed to be transfered. If the domain would be expired in 15 days, transfer is not allowed too.

1st Step

The new registrar will ask for a Auth Code which would be provided by your old registrar. Every domain registrar would provide a clear guid on how to transfer domain to another registrar. Goddady will send an email with Auth code like below:

2nd step

Registering a new account from Chinese registrar. We suggest to use dnspod, it’s owner is tencent’s qcloud. We use its Chinese version in the past. But now, both of qcloud and dnspod have English version. It was not translated 100%, but i believe that you could simply manage it yourself. (If you want to use a foreign DNS provider, it is fine. Just let you know we use dnspod in China)

Qcloud might ask you to verify your account by upload your passport and visa or master card. Then you will be able to registering new domain or transfer domain to dnspod/ qcloud.

3rd step

Go to this page, and fill in your domain name + Auth code as below. (Please leave a space between them)


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