How to registering domain name for China market

.com and .net is popular in China too. However, we suggest to registering domain from a registrar in China.

According to the new policy of registering ICP in Beijing, they don’t accept domain from other countries. (e.g.: .ae is domain name of UAE. MIIT doesn’t accept application for it.) If you registered .com or .net outside of China, it won’t be acceptable. (e.g.: we registered on godaddy, if we submit the application in beijing, the local MIIT won’t accept our application.)

This is a new policy in beijing, it is very possible that other regional office will follow the same fule as beijing in future. So we highly recommand to registering a domain name from an CN accredited Domestic registrars

We normally use to registering domain name, it is a company that belongs to tencent qq. You could find their name in above list as well. However, most of the domain registrars in the list don’t have an English website. Our Chinese domain registration service might be an option for you. We will find the right domain for you, and guide you through on how to use to manage your domains safely.

What if you want to use your existing domain name? Here is how to transfer domain to China.

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Or contact us, we will find a solution for you.

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