Top level baidu PPC management

First of all, If you can’t login with firefox, please change to Google Chrome for Some of our client have problem login. Some of them could be fixed by changing browser, however, some of them can’t fix it even when they visit through VPN.

Change Password

For security reason, We suggest to change the password when you received the login detail from us. As default, we won’t set security phone number to the account unless the client is in located in China.

Budget Control

We suggest that you start from a small amount if you have low experience of PPC campaign. This is fully determined by how much would you like to spend to test the market, the channel.

Ad preview

It is an offen asked question that a PPC client might have. How can i see my ads? Why i can’t see my website come up when i search my brand/main service keywords on baidu? It is because of we have choosen not to target the rest of the world, the campaign could be running in China only. It is decided by your project, your target audience is in China, but you are in the other country. We show ads to target audience only. Unless you have target audience in the rest of the world, we will set it up for you.

But you can use baidu fengchao’s Ad Preview tool (please make sure that you have already login the account when you click on the link) to check real time ads.

You can select a specific city from the dropdown list. Normally, the client is much more interested in tier 1 cities like 北京, 上海, 广州, 深圳… You can choose to see the ads on mobile only.

Search term mornitor

This is the most important report to look at. It helps you to determin if the traffic are coming from relevant keywords. It is the report that shows the real search term users searching, not the keyword that you added to the account. The same keyword list could bring you quite different search terms with different setting. Yes, it is difficult for you to understand Chinese keyword, google translator could be a choice. We will generate this report automatically everyday.

The overall metric

You can check the real time statistics in baidu adwords editor. It has English version. However, many of our client can’t install in on their computer with technical issue, we would send you the weekly report like above.

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