Kill competitor website’s SEO from baidu

Many of our client are interested in what their competitor have done. And many of them are struggling at adjust them SEO plan according to search engine’s recent update. We’ve been talking all the time, seo is dead. We just need a simple tool which kill your competitor website’s SEO in just a minute: Baidu adwords‘s url targeting function. This is our secret weapon to find the most relevant traffic for our client before. Today, i am going to walk you though on the powerful function. You could master Baidu PPC campaign yourself as a foreigner.

What is logic for targeting competitor’s website?

First of all, it is cost per click ads as well.
When user search keyword A, they found competitor’s website on organic search result, then the system will show our paid ads on top of organic search result for keyword A. Do you see why we said it is killing SEO.

Select keywords efficiently: No need select keywords one by one. 1 url = a bunch of keywords. What you need to do is just find out the competitor’s url. It is easy, right? If you don’t know who is the best player in your industry, you defenitely need to use our service.

Easy capture relevant traffic automatically and steady: Lost no traffic from long tail keywords. As long as the website shows when people search, your ads would have opportunity to show on top of organic search result.

Converting: Hign quality traffic. Triggled by accurate keywords only.

What should you know when you manage it yourself?

You can add a specific url or a 2nd level url, but you can’t add * kind url. Recently, we found some bad clicks from this channel.
And most of them happened in non working hours, e.g.: at the middle-noon. So be careful when you set the daily budget and running hours.


What proven result we got?

  • Of course, It is not 100% chances that your ads could be shown each time. This is not happen for a regular paid keyword ads as well.
  • 30% of the traffic and conversion are coming from competitor website targeting.
  • Cost per conversion is simiar to regular PPC ads.
  • CPC is higher.

How we use it?

We will add many competitor’s website to avoid lost traffic from long tail keywords. It could add 100 urls only. And we suggest to add 20-30 which you think they did a good job on SEO in your industry. It is good enough. Because it will capture the entire domain’s organice search terms. Of course, we will firstly build a regular keyword list. Because the system will show the ads from regular PPC campaign first. The keyword ads always takes precedence. And the CPC of keyword ads could be lower than just using competitor’s url to targeting. When we saw any irrelevant keyword that triggled our ads through competitor targeting compaign, we will add negitive keywords as usual. In addition, we will pull out keywords from search term report and add them to keyword list. So that we could manage a better CPC.

Now, do you still want to put all your efforts on SEO? Search engine will try their best to earn money from their product, at least it is the situation in China. Can’t wait to start your baidu PPC campaign? Contact us now!

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