PPC Result from baidu is getting worse?

We received some complaim about that the result from baidu is getting worse. Yes, it is true. (Above is the figure from an IELTS traning company)

People have more options now.

It is easier to find information on internet, and it is very easy to compare all the offers that available on the market. People is becoming more smart with new technology.

In addition, baidu is facing a lot of challenges from the goverment.

It is well know, 90% of baidu’s income is coming from health care and hospital industry. Since last year, the famous WEI ZHE XI case, baidu received a lot of pressure from the goverment. So baidu have to cut some of their agent’s margin, and begin to find new ways to increase its revenue. We can see that baidu have created a lot of new placement, new type of creatives, most of them seem to be good, but eventually the aim is increase their income. We now hardly get good result from baidu’s new inventions, except the competitor website targeting function, and its new feed programm. Because most of the purpose is not at customer’s or user’s interest. Yes, they would like to give some special offer to VIP clients. But most of our clients don’t meet the VIP requirement. (Normally, it requires a yearly spending at USD5,000,000)

But it is still the No.1 channel that works in China.

We tried many other channels, including Guang Dian Tong, and the newest feed advertising. The CPC might be lower than baidu, but the ROI on baidu is higher than any of them. The key reason is on demand. And its advertising system is the earliest one. So the traffic could be nearly 100% accurate.

Maybe the cpc on 360 and sogou is lower, so the cost per conversion is lower than baidu. However, they only have few users in China, and you need to spend the similar time on manage the account as you did on baidu.

You just need be more professional

Or smart enough to choose an agency like us to manage it. It is the only way that you pursue a good result as you did in the past. We have been doing SEM for more than 8 years. And we started learning online marketing from SEM. We will write some articles in future too to walk you through on how we setup PPC campaign to ensure a good result from the very beginning.


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