Official ICP check on MIIT

icp checker

This tool is mainly designed for our client who registered ICP through us. But it is now open to all users, please let us know if you can’t find the ICP number in below. You can check your ICP number and other informations regarding to ICP in below.

Data is provided by miit China( can check it on its official website:

Please don’t include http:// or www in the domain name in order to get an accurate result.

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It is important that you put the ICP number in the footer of your website, and add a backlink to MIIT’s official website. Otherwise, MIIT might revoke your ICP license anytime without notification, and it could result in the invalidation of our 6 months guarantee.

In addition, you could download a certificate file from MIIT’s website, but their system is not working at all, all the certificate file that downloaded is 0 kb. It is useless. So please don’t struggling on this.

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