Keyword research: baidu keywords planner

Baidu’s official tool – ¬†keyword planner definitely is the best one to do keyword research for PPC.

What baidu keywords planner could do?
  • It will show you the most relevant keywords and its daily search volumn in recent week.
  • A general idea about how much should you bid on a particular keywords.

Fortunately, Baidu adwords editor has English version, so you could do some simple keyword research together with google translator before you decide wether it is worth to do baidu PPC or not. However, this is not a tool that you could use for free. Baidu provide it to its PPC customers only. No worries, we prepared a account that with no balance in it. So you could check keywords before you registering your own PPC account. Leave a message here or contact us for the login details.

left side (top) bid threshold: for PC devices, it is the bottom price of receent week that listed on left side of search page. for mobile device, it is the bottom price to rank on 1st page of search result.

If you want to do deep investigate for SEO, there are many other tools that availabe. We will try to add more tutorial about those tools later on.

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