Weibo account verification

Oversea weibo account verification

Unlike wechat, weibo provide verification service for oversea companies. We use our company to verify wechat official account for our clients. However, weibo has its own policy about weibo name verification. Sina requests to include part of the company’s name in the account name since our company can’t do all business in China. (e.g.: 语言学校平台-牛犇网络)We only permitted to do business that listed on our license, e.g.: internet, trade, e-commerce…We can find ways to get over this. But when you are going to include your brand name in the name, you’d better to use your own company’s license to registering.

What is required?

  • Business license documents with company seal or legal person’s signature. We will provide Chinese translation if you use our service.
  • Application letter and third party authorization letter.
  • Sina charges a verification service fee and may vary by country or region.(RMB5000 or RMB9800)

This is the option that you could find directly on their online application form. If anyone said they could ignor the fee, please can you introduce us to them, we might need their help for other clients too. But i am confident that he/she is not quite familar with the policy at all.

Associated marketing advantage

Don’t you think RMB5000, 9800 is too expensive for just verify an account? The verification service is actually included in a marketing package. There are some functions included in the package could help you be successful in weibo marketing campaign. Let’s see how to utilizing it for weibo marketing.

  • Automatically follow and  share: you can browser weibo by search relevant topics to add potential users, you will get follow back. You can decided if you want to disconnect with the user, but this user would be follower by default unless they manually disconnect with you. A very easy way to increase followers from targeted users.
  • Dominating on 1 topic: You can register for 1 topic and be the only owner of this topic. No one can take it from you. However, the topic has to be related to your brand and your company name.
  • 1000 people group *5: You can create 5 groups, and 1000 users is allowed in each group.
  • Private message to all followers: this is very straight forward and obvious.
  • Coupon, lucky draw and campaign systems: these are additional tools that you can use in a marketing campaign.
  • Analytics tool
  • 100-200 weibo hotline credits

With our service, you will be able to get all of these things done in 3-5 working days. Contact us for more details.

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