Bidding on competitor’s brand names

Brand name is protected by law. In order to protect the value of sponsor’s brand name, Google don’t allow to bid on competitor’s brand name. However, baidu requests to provide brand certificate if you want the competitor to use your brand name in bidding keywords and ad copy. And only the one registered in China could be useful. Even if you have registered the brand name in Hong Kong, the certificate is not recoganized by baidu.

Many of our client haven’t registered company in China, they can’t register brand name in China. Unfortunately, your competitor’s ads might be showing when people search for your brand name on baidu.

Rule is what we have to follow, we learn it and be a winner today. Brand search terms provide very high conversion rate, sometime the conversion rate is upto 50%. How can we get most out of this rule? Baidu developed a tool that help you to get traffic from bidding on competitor’s brand name. Its name is ZHONG XIU. It provides better user experience. It provides better CTR as well.

Normally baidu PPC search result consist of title, discription and url. So when you search competitor’s brand name, it looks like this, your ads could be beyond your competitor’s ads as long as you could bid on a higher price. It will misleading user to click on it as it is the official website, very bad experience.

With ZHONG XIU, now it could be like this. Baidu paid ads opened a new door to all sponsors bidding on competitor’s brand name. Why Baidu’s bosses could get this product get approved. I think many famous brand will be enforced to purchase its very expensive product BRAND ZONE to avoid loosing traffic and users from ZHONG XIU. It provids good business opportunity and provides better user experience.

Baidu developed many functions and tools to help sponsors to increase CTR. However, we have added few of them to our client. Except for the function we introduced last year: Kill competitor website’s SEO from baidu. This is the one we’ve added it to all of our clients. After better conversion, better CTR, why not?


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