HongKong hosting server, No ICP is required, and fast in China

Obtain chinese server without icp license. HongKong server could be an option. We just found [email protected] could provide a stable fast connection for China market. It has English cPanel, and provide English service. And no ICP is not required.

However, If you want to put alive a money site, and serious going to run marketing campaigns that generate leads. Aliyun China hosting server is still the 1st option. Many of the media company requires ICP too (e.g.: baidu). So the ICP can’t be avoid eventually.

So, if you just want to host a blog or a website for exsisting audience, you can try to purchase from this Hong Kong web hosting company. We’ve tested the speed in China, stable and fast in most locations of mainland China. Please see the speed report from 17ce.com (Green means excellent, Red means bad)


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