Free VPN for China

When you running a business in China through internet. Sometime you might feel China marketing is quite difficult to understand. Yes, in the US, you won’t block any content from outside of the country. But the invisible China firewall does.

The reason we add this free VPN for our client is some of our clients are facing problem using Chinese interent resources. e.g.: when we have created a landing page with a video, and we host the video in a local cloud service upyun. (just like google cloud service) It is super fast in China, but not visible in the US. Baidu PPC editor has English version, however, the loading speed from UK is super slow. We believe it is important that our client could be checking the statistics from their own computer real time. So we purchased a VPS and set up a VPN and provide it to our paid clients.

What if you are not our paid clients? Help us to promote our China marketing service in your social media platform:

  1. Create a new post including a short description of our service and one of our website’s url in your social account (number of fans lower than 200 would not be considered.)
  2. Take a screenshot and Email to laura at

Here is an example of how to use it with Mac:

If you are ok to use a VPN software, we provide a free version software that help you connecting to China network. It has English version, but the China IP list won’t be showing when you set it to English. Please follow this steps to connecting to China network:

Please contact us for the download link.

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