Registering China ICP tip2

What if i don’t want to close the website during the ICP application?

Shut down the website is one of the requirement of registering an ICP. There is no problem if the client is starting a new domain. But some of the client have already running a website, and it already has many users in the rest of the world. We now find a solution for you: Block Chinese from Accessing Your Website.

Use a Proxy Service on Your Domain. All you need to do is change DNS settings

Lets give an example for CloudFlare. Not only does your site work by going through their proxy, but they also provide security features and content delivery and many other controls. If you have a small(ish) site and don’t require their advanced features, there is almost no reason why you shouldn’t protect your site behind their completely free plan.

Blocking China couldn’t be easier. Just log in and go to ‘Threat Control’, then where it says ‘Add custom rule’, start typing China and then click it from the dropdown list. Click the big red ‘Block’ button and you’re done!

This may be the fastest and easiest way to enable some level of protection, CDN support, reverse proxy caching, and blocking Chinese visitors on a domain. You can stick your domain on CloudFlare and get it protected and setup in about 10 minutes.


ModSecurity is a web application firewall for Apache, IIS, and Nginx for protecting against many types of attacks and allows for HTTP traffic monitoring, logging, and real-time analysis. Here is a sample rule for ModSecurity to block China:

SecGeoLookupDb /path/to/geo/data/GeoIP.dat SecRule REMOTE_ADDR “@geoLookup” “chain,id:20,drop,msg:’Block China IP address'” SecRule GEO:COUNTRY_CODE “@streq CN


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