Baidu marketing tool for English speakers: Baidu adwords editor

System required:

Baidu adwords editor is not available on Mac yet. And it requires to install the 4.0 version of .net framwork.

Language: English

Baidu Fengchao’s online system only has Chinese version. So it is diffult for our clients to checking ad copies, keywords and statistics. Except for asking a manually report from us, you can download baidu adwords editor to find the real time statistics and PPC campaign content. It has English version. The default language is in Chinese of course, now let’s see how can we change the language after downloading this Baidu marketing tool.

As the data center is in China, you might need a China proxy to grab data from baidu. Please be patient, it might be a little slow.

Up to date statistics

We mentioned baidu adwords editor before in Top level baidu PPC management. You can view most of the data in it including Account blance, Budget offline time, search terms report… And it is real-time metrics. It is not really a real-time report, but it can show you up to date statistics. You just need to select today when download the report.

We have talked about how important the search term report. Now let’s see how to generate the report from this Baidu marketing tool:

search term report

Shortcut to online system

You can try to use google translate to look into Baidu PPC campaign. And this Baidu marketing tool have added some shortcut to guid you through.  e.g. The Ad Preview, the real-time report, etc.

Bulk Editting

This is the wonderful funtion that helps you to deal with large PPC campaign. Although baidu is quite different with google. There is some our clients already have some succesful PPC campaign, they want to copy the success to Baidu. They have their experiment to do. This tool is quite useful then. I attached baidu’s own version of UTM template here. The encodeURI is included. It will convert the Chinese charactor to a recognizable code. So you will be able to track Chinese charactors correctly using google analytics with no problem.

bulk editting

The End

Many of our clients still have problem with using this tool. It might be caused by the system or anti virus software that used in western country. I hope Baidu could spend more efforts on improving its English version. We will keep an eye on it and update to you.


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