Setup a Chinese phone number from outside of China

Having a local China phone to call is much more easier converting visitors to users. However, some of our client’s call center or sales person is not located in China. e.g.: selling real estate from phuket. Is i···

ICP certificate

As ICP certificate (ICP证) is described as a license required for websites conducting commercial operations and collecting payment online (e.g., eCommerce website). Many of our client is confused if it is ok to use IC···

ICP domains

Since ICP policy is updating frequently recently, it is more and more difficult to get an ICP now in China. Especially for some of health, finance, game industry. We tried everything to help our client to get over the···

Aliyun start to using APP for ICP license registration

Since AI jump into our lives, it has been applied in many areas in China now, especially tier 1 cities. Shanghai MIIT start using AI technology to speed up the ICP process. Aliyun and some service provider are forcing···

ICP license transfer

ICP license is a license that issued for an individual or company running websites in China. And each company and individual could have unique ICP number only. It can’t be transferred to anyone else, but it can ···

Oversea website how to avoid ICP revoked

ICP license policy is changing frequently recently since the governance on internet in China is becoming more and more strict now. Especially after the 19th National Congress meeting, the entire internet industry are ···

How to transfer domain to Chinese registrar

Why? Recently, we experience problem of registering ICP in some region like Beijing. Some of regional MIIT don’t accept oversea domains now. It will not affect the existing ICP, but for stable online presents in···

How to registering domain name for China market

.com, .net or .cn? .com and .net is popular in China too. However, we suggest to registering domain from a registrar in China. Don’t use another country’s local domain name. According to the new policy of ···
Official ICP check on MIIT

icp checker

This tool is mainly designed for our client who registered ICP through us. But it is now open to all users, please let us know if you can’t find the ICP number in below. You can check your ICP number and other i···

Free Chinese DNS provider: DNSPOD

DNSPOD is a free DNS provider in China. Many of Chinese websites are hosted by them. It is the earliest one that provide free DNS to webmasters in China. It allow you to diversify server for the traffic from domestic ···